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Written by Bolu Fowodu,

As youth marketing assistants for Pillars to Boundless Bridges our job has been to share and learn together as a community about what youth opportunities and assets youth need to grow up happy and healthy. Working at PEACH this summer, we have also learned that the staff spend a lot of time ensuring the space and the programs are designed to do just that. So take a moment to learn with us how everyone plays a role to ensure youth thrive!

What is asset building?
Developed by The Search Institute® the 40 Developmental Assets ® are foundational building blocks of positive youth development that support youth growing up to become caring, healthy and responsible adults & citizens. This model was developed

In regards to some research done by the search institute; it shows that girls have more assets than boys. An average of 21.2 assets found in girls and 18.8 in boys. See

The ideal number youths should have is 31 or more
Although the study focuses on youths; we at PEACH strongly believe that it applies to everyone; this is because everyone needs these building blocks regardless of the stage you are in life.  Positive self-development helps everyone not just young people. Because adults are often looked upon as ‘mentors/role models/caring adults’, we believe that it is important that the community learns and educates themselves about the 40 assets and so everyone can support building assets in youth.

The 40 Assets are broken up into 2 categories and 8 sub-categories

External Assets and #

Support: Assets  # 1-6

Empowerment:  Assets 7-10

Boundaries/Expectations: Assets 11-16

Constructive use of time: 17-20

Internal Assets and #

Commitment to learning: Assets 21-25
Positive Values: Assets 26 -31
Social Competences: Assets 32-36
Positive Identity: Assets 37-40



– Youth need SUPPORT: people that care and love us; it might be family, significant others or friends. Supportive and positive environments foster overall wellbeing
– Youth need to feel EMPOWERED: being valued at home, place of work, relationships, community.  As well as having opportunities to share our thoughts and ideas
– Youth should have BOUNDARIES as well as EXPECTATIONS“: knowing our limits is very important as well as having expectations. Having this in place helps youth be on track
– Youth should definitely USE THEIR TIME “CONSTRUCTIVELY“: spending our time creatively, having others peers we could share ideas and bond with. Having more programs and activities that challenge us while being fun and engaging

– Youth should be “COMMITTED TO LEARNING“:  developing the zeal to continuously learn and educate ourselves.
– Youth should also have POSITIVE VALUES : this is essential in our community (Jane&Finch) as well as the society we live in.
– Everyone especially youth should have SOCIAL COMPETENCES: we are constantly in the public eye building formal and informal relationships so being equipped with the skills helps us make and maintain healthy relationships

As a group of youth we strongly believe and agree that implementing the 40 Developmental Assets® into our community would increase the positive mentors in our communities/society; as a community take time and make conscious effort to help us build our own assets, helping the younger generation wouldn’t be so difficult because we would be leading by example.

Everyone should be an ASSET builder…. Examine ourselves and see how we could get that number “way up”.  Also remembering to help others build theirs. Sparks can’t be hidden

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