Strategic Plan


PEACH envisions a healthy proactive community that is educated, connected and respectful to all.


Extraordinary learning opportunities and support for youth and their families in Jane Finch to encourage individual and community empowerment.



Our values are focused on being youth-centric, having respect and trust for ourselves and those we serve, while providing a safe environment and advocating for equity and social justice. We do this by:
1. Welcoming and engaging youth, their families, community members and partners to create lasting relationships and deepen shared understanding
2. Focussing on strengths by recognizing potential and providing opportunities to discover and develop knowledge, competencies and creativity
3. Recognizing that strong positive relationships and education can replace discouragement with opportunities, and empower individuals to overcome barriers
4. Cherishing the right of everyone to live in dignity and harmony in a healthy, democratic, safe community
5. Demonstrating resilience, flexibility, compassion and courage in the face of challenge and adversity



Our work is guided by three pillars:

Extraordinary Learning Opportunities – we will create innovative and engaging learning opportunities that spark youth interest and engagement and lead to lifelong learning.
Engaging Our Community – we understand that we cannot do everything. We work with our community partners to address systemic barriers and collectively improve the effectiveness and efficacy of our services.
Wraparound Supports – we recognize that youth disengagement from learning and education is a symptom of the crises they are facing in their lives. We endeavour to stabilize their situation so they can focus again on learning and envision a different future for themselves.