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The PEACH music program began in 2007. It was initially an informal drop-in series. In 2009, PEACH received a grant from Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services for a program we called “i am more”, which addressed issues of violence among youth and rival turfs, through the medium of music. The year-long grant solidified a faithful group of studio members, and gave birth to new ideas about how to make the studio more youth-led, more focused on youths’ talents and goals.

Today, the PEACH Studio program is a vibrant youth engagement activity in the Jane+Finch community, led by a music mentor; two adult studio engineers; the DJ for CIUT 89.5—who also enables students to professionally develop their work to be played on its station; a youth music producer—who performed at the closing ceremony for this past summer’s Pan Am games; and a PEACH youth outreach worker. All of whom believe that positive change happens when imagination, encouragement and talent are engaged. Music gives youth an opportunity to express their hopes, dreams, plans, goals, and individual experiences. In addition to our formal Music Program, each week, up to 25 youth gather over a nutritious meal (a real meal, not pizza, or junk food) to talk about education, employment, career choices, gender politics, turf issues, sexual health, and respect – in the safe and encouraging venue that PEACH has to offer. As youths’ experience change, so do their lyrics. Making music has a transformative power in helping youth re-imagine their futures.

In partnership with industry mentors and instructors, students now learn about music theory and sound engineering. We started the Rhyme N’ Reason (RNR) program that is now organized into two components: Mastering the Mix – a free formal music curriculum with sequential classwork and mandatory attendance and the aforementioned Drop-in program which offers a more casual platform for youth to record and produce their own work

Mastering The Mix – Starting March 2017

A free formal music curriculum with sequential classwork and mandatory attendance and the aforementioned Drop-in program which offers a more casual platform for youth to record and produce their own work. Mastering the Mix is a free 16-week program that teaches the fundamentals of music theory and sound recording; total registered youth per class is 12. It requires passing a final exam for certification. This program is accredited by the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts and Ossie Gurley.

– Curriculum developed by EAW, Randolph Academy of Performing Arts, CIUT 89.5 community radio, award-winning producer Ossie Gurley.

– 16 week program delivers industry required skills in music theory, sound engineering, production, and entrepreneurship.

– Accredited by Randolph Academy of Performing Arts and Ossie Gurley.

– Cycle 6 of Mastering the Mix will be starting March 2017. Please contact us for registration information.

Beats 2 Bars

Beats 2 Bars – Beat Making program provides community youth artists with the tools to compose their own instrumentals. The goal is to empower the artists who will have complete ownership of their music and as a result have the option to establish their own music production business. Beats 2 Bars is a hands-on music course dealing with the technical, theoretical and business aspects of beat making. All participants will be expected to understand to the best of their ability any of the material covered. Food will be provided. Participants will be divided into two groups.

Studio Drop-In Nights

The Rhyme N Reason Drop-in program allows youth artists to book studio time with professional engineers and musicians. Participants have access to a recording booth, beat making/mixing room, two rehearsal spaces, five iMac workstations with music production software and a lounge, as well as knowledgeable staff, plus at 6:30pm. DJ DTS/Chef provides dinner and discussion – all exposing youth to potential careers in the music and media arts industry.

– One-hour access to professional studio equipment and engineers to lay tracks, collaborate with other artists and become radio-ready.

– Talk about education, employment, career choices, gender politics, turf issues, sexual health and respect all over dinner.

Beats to Product to Marketing 101 (BPM 101) –Not Currently running

Through group work this course will explore “hands-on” learning approaches by creating music products for sale and in the process establish a learning centre for artists by artists. Each participant will create a 5 track album with original music, lyrics and a music video for the album’s single in collaboration with other participants and instructors in the program.

– 26 week program supporting community artists to develop skills from composition to CD creation to marketing and the music business.

– Lead by an accomplished musician and music teacher

Space rental and social enterprise related services

Contact us to find out more about the rental of our space and resources as well as services we offer ranging from:

Venue space
Rehearsal Space and equipment
Recording Space and equipment
Workshop Space
Fitness Space
Music production
Live music performance
Private/group music lessons
Private/group beat making lessons
Private/group sound engineering lessons
Arts Education workshops
Internet and printing

Ruben Esguerra

Music Coordinator
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