Before we can talk about teamwork we would need to define what it is. According to the Oxford dictionary; Teamwork is defined as “the combined action of a group especially when it’s effective and efficient”.  Teamwork done right has many benefits; empowerment, learning new things, seeing things from a different perspective, valuing other people’s opinion and being respectful.

Starting a new job and meeting new people is a scary thing; I’m sure most people get anxious about meeting new people. So many thoughts about if you would get along with the others, if I would like them as well as if they would like me in return.  What we discovered is everyone in same shoes so it wasn’t so bad because no one felt alone.  During the first week, we all got to know each other on a personal level because of the activities we did (morning check-ins, games and downtimes together). I personally feel like we have become a little family these past few weeks because everyone sticks up for each other. That’s important.


These are some of the team’s input on what they thought about working as a team:

 Working with other youths as marketing assistants has been a good experience. In the beginning I do believe we lacked teamwork. However, this would be due to fact that we weren’t familiar with everyone and their working styles and not all of us knew each other.  But as the days passed, we were taking part on daily team building activities. It helped us build a relationship and respect for each other Soon enough, it made working together more enjoyable. Whenever given a task, we would group off into small sub-groups and share the work load. As the saying goes “the more the merrier “, it really is true at PEACH. It was more fun to work with everyone and come up with ideas to help promote and learn about the 40 assets. Here and there, there might be small disagreements, but with great teamwork skills we have worked together to overcome them, gain respect and give people the right to their opinion. I feel this is the key to teamwork; to be able to accept everyone’s idea and encourage each other.

 One thing I definitely learned about teamwork is about how much better tasks and decisions are done. Ideas will flow from one person to another and become more complex and efficient. I can strongly say, the Youth Marketing Assistant team at PEACH show and display immense teamwork.”  

— Archana

“Team work is a very important word to me and what it means is helping another person to achieve their goal; e.g. In a basketball game, just passing the ball around to another players is teamwork. Teamwork happens every day and everywhere, both at work and at school. To me teamwork means helping your peers to achieve their goal or task or whatever they are doing; teamwork means that no matter what the situation is you need to get along. I look at teamwork as a strategy of helping someone in any way not just by you, but together.  

 ­— Juvon

Teamwork from an Asset building lens:

When we talk about teamwork from an asset building framework; we would need to consider the categories of the 40 Developmental Assets.  In a previous blog we introduced the 40 assets; there are 8 categories – Support; Empowerment; Boundaries & Expectations; Constructive use of time; Commitment to learning; Positive values; Social competencies and Positive Identity. The truth about teamwork is that is that it helps in building assets. We as a team saw this happening first hand which was awesome; we were building both external and internal assets just by being deliberate about supporting each other and working together as a team.

  • We learnt to “support” each other by being respectful and lending a helping hand when needed. We also took ownership to make sure everyone felt safe and included.
  • We also “empowered” each other because we all contributed /took leadership of some aspects of the marketing campaign e.g. photography, graphic design, social media and blogging. Everyone brought something to the table (this is the basic purpose of teamwork).
  • As teammates and coworkers we had to set some “boundaries and expectations” that we would all abide by during the course of our work together. This meant having respect for each other; giving each other personal space and maintaining confidentiality if something private was shared.
  • Working together as a team/coworkers meant that we were using our “time constructively” in and out of PEACH.
  • As youth and marketing assistants at PEACH we are always “committed to learning” in and out of work; constantly being exposed to new things and opportunities. Being opened to learning new things as a team meant that we were contributing to each other’s growth. We learned so much as a group from the various tasks we were assigned.
  • We all had “positive values” that we brought to the team; learning about them made us work better and stronger as a team because we had to learn to value and respect them.  Sometimes we didn’t always agree with each other’s values but we came to a realization that it’s okay to have different points of views.
  • “Social competencies” are very important aspect of teamwork; this involves the ability to take responsibilities for how things go down; planning and making good decisions as a team. Working as a team also meant needed to learn quickly to deal with conflicts appropriately.
  • We all believe that working together as Marketing Assistants directly increases our sense of accomplishments:  feeling a sense of “positive identity” gives us tangible skills to use in the future moving forward.

In conclusion, these past five weeks working together as marketing assistants has taught us that we all have something strengths, assets and resources that are valuable.  We also learnt so much about and from each other. I have great confidence that we would only grow closer in the last few weeks. There’s a saying that goes like this; “two heads are better than one.”


TEAMWORK makes the DREAM work

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