Pillars to Boundless Bridges is collaboration between PEACH, Success Beyond Limits and The Spot to introduce the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets® of positive youth development. The project is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and will engaged as many sectors, institutions, youth, families and community residents as possible to learn about how everyone plays a role to building assets in young people.

Engaging youth is a really important part of asset building, and for PEACH, SBL and The Spot, opportunities for youth to take the lead on aspects of community projects is a something that is valued, respected and a priority. For the Boundless Bridges project, this has meant that youth from the community have taken the lead to designing, planning and implementing an innovative and interactive youth-led marketing campaign. Our goal is to promote the 40 assets and to create community definition of the 40 assets.
Youth have been working since August 2015 to develop and implement the marketing campaign. This summer PEACH applied for and received a Canada Summer Job grant to hire 8 youth full-time to work on the marketing campaign. Please follow our journey and learnings with our PEACH blog and join the conversation by connecting with us on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @pt_bb40.

Who is the youth-led marketing team?
The marketing team for Boundless Bridges consists of 2 Team leaders and 6 youth Marketing Assistants:
Juvon – high school student from C.W. Jeffrey’s. Has been working at PEACH for 2 years as a Youth Researcher w/ York U & now a marketing assistant. Also attended PEACH’s SAS program
Akele – high school student from Emery Collegiate. Marketing assistant, graphic designer, designs flyers for the Boundless Bridges project
Kimani – high school student from C.W. Jeffrey’s marketing assistant for Boundless Bridges project and this is his first job
Tiffany – worked at PEACH for the Boundless Bridges project from October 2015 till present and is currently attended Emery Collegiate.
Bolu – is a post-secondary student and has been a community asset champion volunteer since January, and now is marketing assistant. Bolu also took the lead on getting the team to blog and is starting at George Brown in the fall.
Archana – graduated from C.W. Jeffery’s starting her first year at McMaster University in the fall. Is a marketing assistant and this is her first job
Carianne – is one of the team leaders and is a PEACH youth with in high school
Joel – team leader and has been a marketing consultant for the Boundless Bridges program from the beginning. Is also a PEACH youth program member and is starting his 2nd of marketing at Humber College

What do we do?
Here is a brief outline of what we’ve been doing and will accomplish by the end of the summer! Come to Jane Finch Mall every Friday until August 19th from 12pm-4pm to help create a common understanding of the 40 Assets! We will be located with our resource table in front of the Shoppers Drug Mart. Here is what we plan to do and have been doing so far this summer.
1. Outreach at the Jane Finch Mall
o Hand out flyers on the 40 assets
o Engaged and learn from community on how youth become happy, healthy adults
o Promote what PEACH has to offer to families and youth
2. Workshops and Social Media training with The Spot staff and w/ Spot youth
o Hootsuite
o Learning tips about managing social media
o Piloting the TYES and St. Stephen’s workshops
3. Video workshops at PEACH with aluCine
o Learn about videography and photography to enhance our media campaign
4. Make blog posts
5. Work in teams of 3:
o Blog team
o Graphic design
o Social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram
6. Team building activities & learning about the assets
7. Brainstorming ideas to improve the project
8. Organizing, and planning events ( authors book series )
9. Work together with the PEACH Leaders-in-Training to design life skills workshops

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