Well, the first time I actually hosted an initiative was the PEACH Radio Launch on May 3rd 2018. I was really nervous but it wasn’t that pressuring because it was mostly people I knew who were in the crowd. Fast forward to 2019, I was given the opportunity to host the Youth Mental Health Conference. The same feeling of anxiousness arose I realized I would be hosting an event with keynote speakers, panelists and some community members I never met! Thankfully I was hosting alongside my co-host Rowan Gordon who did an amazing job. While I’ve had experience performing in front of many, the uncertainty of what may happen is always jaw clenching. Being that the topic of mental health can be a bit draining, it was a task to find our tone and attitude. Rowan and I needed to make sure we did a few things before getting up there:

  1. Have our notes ready
  2. Control audience/panelists discussion
  3. Watch out for time
  4. Keep audience engaged 

Though we ran into some mishaps, it was all good because everything went well! I must say that I always wondered how people could get on the stage and host shows. Now that I’m in this position, I cannot take for granted my skills, knowledge and opportunities in this time. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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