PEACH Youth  took part in learning the trade skill of painting the interior walls of the program office at PEACH. They cleared the room of the furniture, took off the outlet covers, and unhinged the door. They laid down some mural paper on the floor, and marked green tape around the door frame, top of the wall panels. Some mixed the paint and placed it in the bucket; others took rollers and began painting the larger parts of the wall. Others took paint brushes and did the finer parts of the wall (i.e. the corners) and finishing touches.

“I watched my colleagues paint in a room at PEACH to give it a better look and a better colour to enhance the room to be more attractive to visitors, staff and youths. The purpose of this activity was to work as a team.”

“The painting was an amazing experience because I didn’t paint before and I got a basic layout on how to prepare for a paint job. Also, how to paint by rolling a brush taught me a lot how to paint on my own if I ever needed to. “Overall it was a successful painting experience.”