PEACH Youth visited Knowledge bookstore in Brampton where, for most of our youth, it was the first time going to a Black-owned Afrocentric bookstore. They offer a variety of books and items catered to health & beauty, herbs, arts, self-care, Afrocentric culture. The Knowledge Bookstore provides books to the Black community where they can engage in books that interest them whether its self-help, educational, spiritual and comics. It brings readers to a place where they can feel a bookstore focuses on them and their well being.

The bookstore owner Sean Liburd talked with the youths about the history of his business, how to own your own business, finances, mind set and what to expect. The youths purchased books, health products and artwork. Book titles included: Happy Women Live Better, Black Panther Comic Book, The Power of Now, Think Rich, Sacred Women, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Speeches of Marcus Garvey, Heal Thy Self and The Book of Enoch.