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Youth from the community are suffering from unresolved grief which is preventing them from successfully functioning in their home schools and personal lives, leading to mental health issues that are manifesting themselves in unsafe behaviours. With no safe space or support for youth to talk about their experience of losing someone traumatically, youth are acting out in school and in their community as they learn to live life after death.

Our response:

Create a grief-support group that is organic, relational and healing-focused and will take youth through the waves of grief by honest conversations and therapeutic art activities. We will help youth navigate the journey of death; supporting their well-being in a way that will help youth make positive choices as they continue to live their lives.

Our goal to bring youth together in a safe, private space and to provide youth with resources, time and expertise. We envision a respectful space that is free of judgment and shame for youth to talk about their experiences with death, to help promote positive mental health and wellness, to support youth’s empowerment of positive choices and to promote self-awareness.


We are partnering with Roderick Breton from UrbanRez Solutions, Dr. Naomi Nichols from York University’s Faculty of Education and psychotherapist Dr. Brian Nichols. The partners will lend their expertise in curriculum development, program facilitation and program evaluation.

Breathe Easy/Go Deep program is supported by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

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