5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Go For A Run

Our run is only 3 days away!! Here are ways to motivate and get yourself ready for our 4K run

1) Just Go!

This might seem like an obvious one but it really is that simple. Don’t give yourself a choice. Don’t let yourself think about any other options. Decide you’re going to run, commit to it, and practice drowning out any conflicting thoughts.

2) Reward Yourself For Going

We all have different ways of rewarding ourselves. Maybe its buying a new top or eating out at your favourite restaurant. Regardless of what that “reward” is, give yourself a pat on the back because the best reward is that you’ve been good to your body, and your self.

3) Get Some New Workout Clothes

It may seem silly, but there is something about wearing brand new gear when we workout that makes us feel good doing it. If you bought some awesome new running tights or a new sports top, don’t you just want to wear them ASAP? Whether it’s a new pair of sneakers or just a loose fitting tank top that makes you feel strong and powerful, put it on and take it for a test run (literally). Look good, feel good, run more.

4) Download Some Motivational Music

When you’re feeling down and sluggish, the right song can give you the push you need to get out the door. There are so many playlists out there these days. There are even some that use music to pace longer runs. Pick the playlist that works for you, and feel free to secretly star in your own motivational video while you’re running. Nobody needs to know it’s happening but you.

5) Remember That It’s Always Worth It

It’s so hard to get out the door, but know that if you do, you will without a doubt feel like a better version of yourself when you walk back in the door after that run you almost didn’t do. Next time you go on a run, write down why you did it, how you felt afterwards, and if you’re glad you went. Do this every time you run. Then, on that day when you’re not sure you feel like going, pull out that list and read it to yourself. Then slowly put on the right music, slip into your favorite workout clothes, and block off the next hour, because it’s time to get moving.

Hopefully these tips help prepare and give you a little extra motivation for our 4K run on Saturday. We can’t wait to see everyone!

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