Pre Charge Diversion

PEACH was an active participant in a Pre-Charge Diversion program developed as an alternative to the criminal justice system and model for restorative justice addressing less serious incidents of crime reported to the police by young people.

In Oct 2016, we held a community forum where we explained the proposed system to our audience that included CAS representatives, Associated Youth Services Peel, Griffin Centre, Councillor Augimeri, JVS, residents, Ministry, Jane and Finch Community Org, Youth Unlimited, Peacebuilders, TDSB, Project Turnaround, City of Toronto, J/FCFC and more.

This program aimed to support youth from 12-18 years old – where there is reasonable grounds to charge this young person, the officer would be able to divert this young person to community program. This would only be used when a youth consents, and there would be no records at all for youth in Diversion central intake service, POs would also make the decision about which diversion program the young person would be diverted to.

PEACH will continue to work closely with representatives from all parties (police, parents, agencies) to ensure close communication.