Pre Charge Diversion Program

Pre Charge Diversion is a program for youth aged 12-17 who have been accused of a criminal offence and referred by police to a community program as an alternative to facing criminal charges and going to court. TYES, (Toronto Youth Equity Strategy) developed an 8 topic workshop series in partnership with 2 Each1Teach1 and St. Stephen’s Workshops address the risk and protective factors outlined in the Province’s Stepping Up Report. Workshops were designed to be an option for youth referred through EJM, or pre-charge diversion, but are open to ALL youth.

The main goals of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) is to reduce the use of youth courts through Extra Judicial Measures (EJM),otherwise known as Pre-Charge Diversion.

Workshop topics include the following:

Identity Know Yourself,
You Stressin’ Me Out (Stress Management)
I’m Not a Businessman
I’m a Business, Man (Entrepreneurship)
Ballin’ –Make It Rain or Save for a Rainy Day? (Financial Literacy)
#Life Goal (Goal setting)
Mix Up to Fix Up (Conflict Resolution & Communication Skills)
Everyday I’m Hustlin’: The Economics of Staying in School (Economics of Staying in School and Transferable Skills)
Trigger Fingers to Twitter Fingers (Online Safety)

If you would like any additional information on pre-charge diversion feel free to contact our Project Coordinator, LeeAnn Tanaah at (416)-740-9593.