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Since 2001 PEACH has been working with youth involved with the criminal justice system. We have been advocating for youth to stay in community and receive supports that address the root causes of youth behaviours, creates a sense of responsibility and supports a deeper understanding of the systemic barriers which are affecting a youth’s life.

In partnership with 31 Division, Youth Now on Track, other local community organizations, and community residents, in 2012 PEACH formed an advisory committee aimed at developing a sustainable community-based model that keeps youth out of the justice system. PEACH has since developed community-based pre-charge diversion program that gives police officers alternate routes to charging for actions that should not be criminalized. Our overall aim is to keep youth out of the formal justice system and provide community support in understanding the roots of their behaviours.

PEACH is a strong advocate of restorative justice and working in collaboration. We are currently working with Toronto Youth equity strategy, pre-charge stakeholders across the city, and the Toronto Police services to push for a citywide pre-charge mechanism that meets the diverse needs of induvial communities, give youth a second chance and provides community support to prevent recidivism.

If you would like any additional information on pre-charge diversion feel free to contact our wraparound worker Talisha Ramsaroop at (416)-740-9593 ext 26