Housing Workshops (2021-22)

In 2021, PEACH received a grant from the HOME DEPOT Orange Door Project Community Impact Grant to support youth experiencing compound challenges during the pandemic. Youth in
Jane Finch experienced the worst outcomes during the pandemic, including the highest rates of infection and the most severe impacts on educational continuity, employment and mental health. Many
could not access the shelters and affordable housing that they needed, and experienced harsh barriers to basic support. Many became homeless or have lived precariously. Unfortunately, PEACH staff were
also forced to work remotely during the pandemic, posing additional challenges for youth who could not connect.

The workshops were planned to accelerate access to employment and housing, as well as connections with the full range of Wraparound supports as the Pandemic moved through all its waves of unpredictability.

We held a workshop in Financial Literacy on Jan 18 2022 with Shay Myers, creator of Finance for the Culture.

A remote workshop on navigating youth tenant challenges was conducted on June 2 2022 by Jelani Nias entitled “Navigating Challenges as a Youth Tenant”